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Membership and Terms of Reference

Dr Meirion Evans

Dr Evans is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Epidemiology, Statistics & Public Health of University of Wales College of Medicine in the UK. He is at the same time Honorary Regional Epidemiologist of Public Health Laboratory Service Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (Wales), which is responsible for developing and running surveillance systems in Wales, supporting national surveillance, and taking the lead responsibility for surveillance of zoonoses in England & Wales. It also provides advice on communicable disease policy and strategy matters to the Welsh Assembly Government. Dr Evans is currently involved with projects to study aetiology & antibiotic resistance in campylobacter infection, to describe epidemiology of hepatitis C in Wales, promote flu immunisation in older people, and improve management of STI in primary care.

Dr Evans is a very experienced epidemiologist and has extensive experience in epidemic control. He has had field epidemiology experience at the district, regional, and national level. He was team leader for outbreak control for 10 years while working in Cardiff. From 1990 to 1999, he was Consultant in Communicable Disease Control and Deputy Director of Public Health of Bro Taf Health Authority and South Glamorgan Health Authority. He was also a member of the World Health Organization Expert Team which performed an assessment of the SARS situation in the Guangdong province recently.

Dr Meirion Evans
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