SARS Expert Committee
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Prevention of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

News and Announcements


19.08.2003 Full report will be made public simultaneously: experts
13.08.2003 Plenary session of SARS Expert Committee commences
12.08.2003 SARS Expert Committee convenes plenary session
17.07.2003 SARS Expert Committee will submit independent report
11.07.2003 International community to learn from HK SARS outbreak review: expert
09.07.2003 Public Health Group gets first-hand knowledge at Amoy Gardens
07.07.2003 Public Health Group commences five-day meeting
05.07.2003 Public Health Group convenes review on SARS outbreaks
28.06.2003 HK people will have full and frank account of SARS attack: experts
27.06.2003 Hospital group of SARS Expert Committee meets health care workers
26.06.2003 Hospital group of SARS Expert Committee starts three-day meeting
20.06.2003 Transcript of SHWF on SARS Expert Committee
20.06.2003 SARS Expert Committee work in good progress
12.06.2003 SARS Expert Committee invites public submissions
28.05.2003 SARS Experts Committee appointed

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