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Prevention of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


Submissions form Department of Health

A General Brief about the Department of Health
  - Annex
Briefing Paper from Department of Health
Briefing Paper on Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases in Hong Kong
Public Health Legislation on Infectious Disease Control in Hong Kong
Public Health Control Measures
Contact Tracing for SARS - then and now
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Laboratory Investigation by Department of Health
Data Management in SARS Outbreak
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Monitoring of Hospitals on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases
Enhanced Communication between DH and the Mainland
Training on Public Health
Letter dated 7 July 2003 on Allegations made by Professor Sydney Chung
Letter dated 12 August 2003 on Submission from the Hong Kong Doctors Union
  - Annex
Letter dated 3 September 2003 on Mr William Meacham's article on SARS
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