Submissions form Hospital Authority

A General Brief about the Hospital Authority
Management of Communicable Diseases in Hospital Authority
Infection Control Measures Taken by the Hospital Authority in the Management and Prevention of the SARS Incident
Training for Healcare Staff in relation to Infection Control and in response to SARS outbreak
A Report on Data Collection and Clinical Management on SARS
Infection Control HA Visiting Policy Implementation
Inter-hospital transfer of SARS patients
Infection Control íV Terminology of Committees
The Evolution of Clinical Management Strategy for SARS íV past, Present and Future
Burden of the SARS outbreak on hospitals íV Quantitative Information
Age and Sex Distribution for 1755 SARS Patients
International Comparison of CFRs in Relation to Case Mix
Map - Clusters Distribution of Hospitals Involved in SARS in Hospital Authority
Data Analysis on SARS Clinical Management
HAHO Operational Arrangement for SARS
HA Working Group on Severe Community-acquired Pneumonia
Letter dated 5 July 2003 on Prof Sydney Chung's Letter
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